Sunday, 30 January 2011

Is this Pokemon viable?


With solid offensive stats, boosting moves, and a handy speed that puts it before the monkeys, Garchomp, and the base 100s, Zoroark looks like a pretty serviceable sweeper. Its ability is just plain awesome, though we don't know how it works or how to harness it.

You could use it to trap things with a bluff, or, for example, pretending to be something that lures a Shanderaa or other Ghost, then hitting it damn hard with a Dark-type STAB. If this is possible, Zoroark is a great Shanderaa check. However, it's also frail, and has a limited physical movepool. Furthermore, apart from Illusion, it's basically outclassed by the faster, stronger, and better-movepooled Darkrai.

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  1. Hell yeah a pokemon blog. This is one the the pokemon im looking forward to the most.