Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tier of the day!

Now you may be thinking "There's tiers in Pokemon?" or even "What the heck is a tier?", so first off let me answer those questions.

What the heck is a tier?

Tiers are an attempt by players to classify characters in a game by their competitive ability. They can be found in any game with variable characters, including Street Fighter and Pokemon though they are most prominent in Fighting and Strategy games.

The existence of tiers can be controversial as skill usually has more impact on the outcome of a match furthermore there are constant ongoing debates over which tier each character belongs in.

There's tiers in Pokemon?

Yes, as with most strategy-type games there are tiers in Pokemon. Pokémon currently has a large amount of critters with various different stats and movepools. There are currently six tiers with various fansites individually deciding the Pokémon assumed to be in those tiers, most notably Smogon. Pokémon tier lists are prone to heavy criticism because there is no "official" tier list for Pokémon. However, official tournaments often have ban lists.

Okay on to the tier of the day.

OU (Over-Used)

So we're starting with the most common tier used in Pokemon competitvely play. Many people believe that OU Pokemon are the strongest in the game however this is a common misconception. In actual fact the Pokemon in the OU tier are merely the most commonly seen Pokemon on wi-fi, nothing more.

Examples of Pokemon in the OU tier include:

And many more...

For a list of Pokemon in this tier, please visit:


  1. I Choose...
    I love pokemon but they arent show the show on the tv here :/

  2. nice and informative post, loved the list aswell, keep them coming bro!

  3. Smogon >____>
    Also, OU usually holds the strongest, or those close to that possition, because people tend to use strong Pokemon in their battles, not the weak ones. OU is overrated, though. Go UU and NU.

  4. lolsmogon.
    I'm definitely a follower of the tiers, and I'll just take my pick of who's cool in OU.
    Like infernape.

  5. Interesting stuff, I had no idea there was still competitive pokemon playing going on.

  6. Blissy or whatever its called may be over used but that's probably 'cause it's so cute!

  7. There are so many different things to think about that I don't think I could ever get into competitive play...I'll just sit in the corner and raise my cute but weak as heck Chillarmy in peace. :X

  8. I love Pokemon, just recently started playing Crystal again!

  9. There's overused Pokemon in competitive games? I thought the legendaries would be overused. I bet those are banned from online play though huh?