Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tier of the day!

UU (Under-used)

Under-Used, commonly referred to as "UU", designates Pokémon whose use is limited as they are not strong enough for general OU competition, usually due to sub-standard stats, movepools, easily exploitable weaknesses, or the existence of a stronger Pokémon that works in a highly similar way. UU Pokémon can be, and are, used in OU battles, but are usually underpowered here.

For a list of Pokemon currently in this tier, please visit:

Also note that due to the metagame constantly changing, Pokemon in this tier are moving up and down the tier ladder as new things are being discovered.


  1. noooo not kabutops i think hes pretty cool

  2. I prefer underused. Overused gets boring.