Wednesday, 7 September 2011

How many Pokemon games did/do you have?

Okay maybe I'm not this obsessed, but I did have many of the games. They include:

Pokemon Red
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Firered
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Soulsilver
Pokemon Black
Pokemon White

I've always found it interesting how they would release 3 of basically the same game and A LOT of people would actually get all 3.What started off as a gimmick to get children playing with eachother (doesn't sound right) actually turned into a great business model. I've never actually got all 3 of a gen but I know of quite a few people who have. I have however bought 2 of a specific gen e.g. (Black and White or Diamond and Pearl)

Out of those 10 games, I only know where 4 are. The rest are either lost, stolen or something else happened to them. So how about you guys, how many of the main games did/have you got?

Oh and I also have many of the spin-off games but I didn't include them in the list because they dont really count.


  1. My first pokemon game was on the gameboy color: Pokemon silver, played it till the game was dead :D Few years later I've played Fire Red and Leaf Green on the pc because I was bored xD

  2. Yellow was my beotch. Going through Black now.

  3. I had 6 of them. All for the old GameBoy Color, the most badass system in the entire world!